Tech Task #10 Best Ideas

This week in ECMP 355 we had three presenters that discussed many different ideas that got me thinking about what I would like to incorporate in my future classroom.

Heather Durnin (@hdurnin) discussed how she uses Skype to bring various people into the classroom. I think this is a very great idea, and plan to do this in the future. Heather also talked about 105theHive. This is a student run radio station that could be used to enhance a project and really bring it to life. In using the radio station students have a global audience and people from all over the world can tune in. This is also a great tool to showcase different ways that kids can show their learning. In the future I think it would be neat to share written work on this tool or even use it for the “read to someone” portion of the Daily Five. I feel this is a great tool that can really encourage students to embellish their writing and become more successful.

Royan Lee talked about how everything that is done in his classroom is collaborative and that sharing ideas should be fostered. He also included that critical thinking is the most important thing that our kids can walk out of the building possessing. I liked how he included colourful markers and chart paper as an essential tool in his classroom. I like the idea of not using paper as transactional tool but rather as a thinking tool, to collaborate on thinking. This is something I plan to include in my future classroom.  Furthermore, Royan explained round tables as a mundane idea; however this is a brilliant idea and should be included in every classroom today.

The ideas I enjoyed the most from Clarence Fisher’s (@glassbeed) presentation was the Blog Rubric he shared, as well as the assignment on online safety. I feel this blog rubric is something I could be using in the future it improve myself, or something that teachers and students could use together. I think the online safety assignment would be great to do with students at the beginning of the year, before students are thoroughly exposed to technology in the classroom.

Thanks to these inspiring presenters!

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